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Sina Finance: 速度與策略決定高頻交易成敗

July 27, 2012

International Finance News: 高频交易天使还是恶魔

June 12, 2012
Edgar Perez:

The New York Times: Don’t Ban the Trades; Regulate Them in Real Time

August 07, 2012
Wrongdoing existed long before the advent of high-frequency trading, and it will always be a part of markets. High-frequency trading is simply a tool; it can be positive or negative for investors and markets. To maximize the benefit and minimize the downsides, regulators need

TABB Forum: Open Letter to SEC Chairman Mary Jo White

September 03, 2013
NASDAQ suffered a trading freeze on August 22, when price quotes were not being disseminated by the Securities Information Processor (SIP) for three hours. While NASDAQ has promised to work with other exchanges that are members of the SIP to come up with permanent fixes,

Sina Finance: 华尔街噩梦:骑士资本兴亡与金融市场最大风险

September 05, 2013
美国纽约大学金融系教授、高频交易专家埃德加-佩雷兹所著《华尔街噩梦:骑士资本兴亡与金融市场最大风险》(Knightmare on Wall Street: The Rise and Fall of Knight Capital and the Biggest Risk for Financial

The Star Online: Up Close & Personal with Edgar Perez

May 19, 2012
THE combined forces of speed and technology are turning the stock market into a different animal from the days of our fathers and mothers with small retail players being the casualties of the sweeping changes, particularly in the West. This is the dark side of technology