• The Speed Traders
    The Speed Traders

  • 交易快手

  • Investasi Super Kilat
    Investasi Super Kilat

“Alternating between an annotated timeline of the development of high-frequency trading and interviews with top high-frequency traders, Perez illuminates the world of speed. All in all, an enlightening book.”  Read Full Review.

Brenda Jubin, contributor to Seeking Alpha


“This book has become an international reference on High-Frequency Trading (HFT), financial regulation and international economics. Perez explains us the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to trade securities on a rapid basis, as well as its impact on financial markets.” Read Full Review
Connect the Dots


“To be honest with you, it’s not mincing words when we say “The Speed Traders”book is one of the best books that would inspire you towards expanding your knowledge of High Frequency Trading. Until you get a copy and read it, you’re definitely missing something you don’t know you are missing.” Read Full Review
ECNForex: The Best ECN Forex Brokers in the UK


“An enlightening read. Case in point, the May 6, 2010 ‘flash crash’ description was a strong argument to pay attention. I was able to gain insight into the shadow world of microsecond to millisecond trading that evolved as systems got better and programmers got smarter.” Read Full Review
John Siewers III, Futures Magazine
“The book gives a clear and concise overview of the (short) history and current role that High Frequency Trading plays in the capital markets.” Read Full Review
Nora McCallum of Scotia McLeod
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