• The Speed Traders
    The Speed Traders

  • 交易快手

  • Investasi Super Kilat
    Investasi Super Kilat

“Edgar’s book is fantastic . . . I recommend it highly.”
Bart Chilton, Commissioner, United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)


“I have interviewed the most successful high-frequency traders in New York and Chicago, but I have learned so much more by reading Perez’s book. He covers the most relevant topics we need to know today and tomorrow”
Mark Abeshouse, Chairman, Augustus Capital


“This is a comprehensive and compelling summary of the trading industry in general, as well as high-frequency trading. If you are interested in this field or of knowing a critical component of all future markets—read this book.”
Paul Dowding, Managing Director, Meridian Equity Partners


“Very timely, covers the 2010 Flash Crash and the current high-frequency trading environment.”
Patrick Sweeney, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase


“There is a new day in trading and speed is the key. Edgar Perez is the poster child.”
Eugene Steele, Managing Partner, Trading Rooms World Wide

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